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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Out of my mind- 10/5 stars.

I'll admit it.
{I totes judge books by their covers. In a largeeeee way}
This book was no exception. I had heard buzz about how it was required reading for some college coursework in special education, that it was a great "memoir-esque" read, and it was super powerful.
It was. 
Miss Melody has autism, and is non-verbal. She can't speak words to verbalize what she's thinking, feeling, etc. So many people mistake this for a lower IQ, which is certainly not the case in the least with Miss M. She has the most creative thoughts, and she's a super smart gal.
But no one can hear her super-thoughts, because she can't communicate traditionally.

This book is saddled with "those teachers".... {who I want to kick in the face, because they make really great teachers look bad}, some awesome educators that truly understand that a disability is nothing other than the different ways our brain work...and it's invigoratingly written. I absolutely love first person...and it reveals so much about the characters.

In addition to the heart-wrenching feelings that Melody has towards her parents and teachers...are the peer relationships. Some are positive. Some are negative. Some are downright tear-inducing.

I'm planning on not only use this during my guided reading group (in 5th grade), but also push it to whomever will allow me to push it on them. It's a fantastic novel, and I would encourage anyone to read it.

Where can I buy it? http://www.amazon.com/Out-My-Mind-Sharon-Draper/dp/1416971718
Author: Sharon Draper
You'd like this book if.... you're a living, breathing, human, who can read book on a 4th grade (ish) reading level.